Audi SQ7 review – a supercar with 7 seats?

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  1. Audi SQ7 is an amazing car,
    Ond thing I realized about mat, he does not like Audi, he spends much time on the odds

  2. I love the Q7. It's very nice, and it's all comfy for my kids. Next car will be Porsche Cayenne though so my wife can drive in style

  3. It looks fat and bland. It really could use a curve or two of the big blocky body. Also, save the integrated headrest for sports cars. Now, does the rear window go all the way down?

  4. It's a bummer losing the absolutely superb diesel. The petrol will suck over 30l/100km if you boot it. Should be able to do the 14-16l/100km on the open road. A light foot & you could even hit the low 10's

  5. Kust for case in my country SUV which are quicket than this, has less space and cost atleast with same options about 35000 euros more 🙂


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