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Learn how to set up the Auto Lock and Auto Unlock feature on your vehicle in easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions. Learn more …

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  1. Been wondering about my Ford Explorer 2018. I took it to the dealer and they said no way to change it. In my vehicle, the doors lock when gear is engaged. If I stop the car while engine running I have to hit ‘unlock’ to let people out of the back whether in park or not. They cannot use the door handle to open the door. They would have to unlock the tiny stem to open the door. It is very frustrating. I want the doors to unlock when in park. It is a really bad set of choices for the consumer and I even dangerous in an accident if the rear passengers need to get out without driver intervention.

  2. I followed the directions explicity. I can not access the Programming mode. I do not get acknowledment from the car that the programming mode is entered and nothing happens after that.

  3. Hi I have Ford Galaxy 2016 titanium uk model , but it’s doesn’t work the programming mode, I try so many times , dose any other options,

  4. Nothing happened when I tried this. Just sat in my car and unlocked and locked the doors for a half hr

  5. 2019 Escape, will not enter programming mode. Local dealer says the auto door lock cannot be disabled because it is a safety feature.

  6. Tengo una kuga 2013 1.6, para que funcione no hay que prenderla ,hay que ponerla en contacto únicamente ,así si funciona , saludos

  7. Wow, what is so hard to add it to the vehicle setting within sync3 or sync4 without having to go through all that trouble.

  8. I just tried this on my 2013 Fusion S, either I am not doing this fast enough, I am missing a step, or it plain DOESN'T work. I never get a " chirp " in what I think is program mode but I will try to find this process in the owner's manual. I have an 2006 Mustang premium convertible and I find it has features that Ford also made needlessly complex. Re-educating the door glass to DROP and the RISE when the engine battery was replaced was a hassle (probably 6 tries) and that was barely covered in the manual.

  9. I have a Ford Focus Sedan model 2007 and it keeps on unlocking itself and all windows automatically rolls down… How to fix this.

  10. It does not work for my 2021 Ford Focus. No beeps, no horns, no chirps, no autolock. Really frustrating…
    Any updated method since this video is for the old generation?
    Unlike until then…
    And yes, it should have been already on the car settings menu.

  11. This is stupid. Why isn't it just in the sync system? My Ram 1500 and the wifes durango has all these kinds of settings in the uconnect system, VERY easy to use!

  12. i have a 2019 focus st line 120cv. please how to reset change oil message in display….in setting the reset oil menu isn tpresent.
    thanke you

  13. Here is my dilemma when I put my 2002 ford focus zx5 in drive the doors locked when you put it back in park the doors do not unlock I did everything on the video I got all the chirping noises I deactivated the central Locking System then I redid it and turned it back on and I still have the same results any answers?

  14. I own a Expedition 2020, and when climbing to heights, the temperature of the gearbox rises to 125 degrees, what is the solution

  15. This feature should be already installed, or be possible to set via display…
    … but the most annoying feature are:
    1.Informaton from seat belts and seats sensors = every time you have to press OK ( possibility to disable it?)
    2.Automatic stop/ start engine. It kills battery. You can disable this function only by disconnecting the connector under the wheel. (!!)
    3.Front parking sensor- each time you have to turn it off.

  16. Hi, Any ideas on how to deactivate the auto alarm, when I want to sleep inside the car and lock the doors using the pilot?

  17. Honk Locking Wakes People up including
    Sick People
    Shift Workers

    Loud Honk Locks Are Completely Unneccesary. Please use Very Low Level chirps that can Not be heard in the buildings parked next to!!!!!!!!!!!


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