Bentley Bentayga & DRAG RACE vs Audi S8!

Check it out on Tik Tok – This is the recently updated Bentley Bentayga! This is a great achievement ….

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Comment (33)

  1. Looks more like the
    Old Jaguar X-type,
    But 4×4 new version.
    I prefer the old Bentayga, PIGS taste much better…
    Fantastic review as always.
    Well done again.

  2. Back seat arm rest doesn't have cover and it is worse quality than Mazda…it was horrable in person..turned me off right away.

  3. Hate the way Matt tugs on the net of the netted storage places. And his hand gestures while talking about different features of the car, especially his rough handling of delicate interior parts.
    PS also not a fan of the cheap editing bits and carwow memes.

  4. My Lexus RX has better rear seat drinks holders… a lot of things are very VW in this car… poor for a £150k-200k car.

  5. No electric rear seats. No electric headrests. No cupholder cover front or back. So basic at this price point. What gives?


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