Best Large Van: 2018 Ford Transit v Volkswagon Crafter v Fiat Ducato V Iveco Daily

2018 Commercial Car of the Year: Best large van If you have got a big job you need a large van and these are some of the biggest …

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  1. I drive the 2016 3 litre Iveco much better then my old Mercedes and large Toyota vans this Iveco is strong can carry a big load handles great on the road even when not loaded cheaper by 10k for same set-up to Mercedes

  2. At the end of the day there all good, people just don't service them right. One major problem in Australia

  3. I bought 2 months ago 2011 Fiat Ducato L1H1 Multijet100.
    It is very good van.Fuel consumption is superb.In one occasion in highway,I was able to bring it 4.9L/100 km.Overall fuel consumption is 5.9 to 6.2/100km.

  4. I have a Iverco Daily 2017, I have owned Fiat Ducato, and Mercedes sprinter, The Ducato was very reliable, but was lightly built under neath and the gearbox was OK. The sprinter was good but it wasn't real fast, I enjoyed driving it.. The Iverco is fast in a straight line , built really strong underneath, and big inside, it hasn't had time to prove itself yet, I did have to replace the EGR valve at 44k , they had to remove the transmission to do it which was a bit disappointing, The Iverco Daily gets good reviews overseas, in New Zealand where I live, its not a common van, so as I said it has to prove itself, but looking good so far.

  5. You see some real horror stories about the Ford, VW and other euro vans. I'd really like to see a test on a five year old van with say 150,000km's on the clock.

  6. Crafter and TGE are shit, unreliable as hell! Master is undestroyable, daily and sprinter have better options tho

  7. Vw or MAN has Strange Box and has no Power..Iveco ist weird..Ford ist ok .but the Best ist Fiat Ducato with 2.3 jtd..You have Power and Stay very Well in the Road..

  8. I hate how manufacturers are pushing for FWD & automatic transmissions. I don't know any drivers who thank them for that.

  9. What a truly awful review, the vans tested are not even comparable, as for transit winning looks like they sponsored this video

  10. Living here in the states, we have the rebranded Fiat as the Ram ProMaster. That's my baby! Mine has the Chrysler Pentastar V-6 engine and 6 speed automatic. A much better drive train for sure. I came this close to buying the Ford Transit but chose the Ram in the end and am extremely happy with my choice.

  11. Euro vans are the best in the world. However Australians will stick to dangerous to crash Toyota Hiaces.


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