Best new cars coming 2022-2025: My AZ guide to the Munich Motor Show!

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  1. You know what I would LOVE to see here in Europe.
    Kei Cars.
    Sell them for under 20k € purchase price and make versions better suited to the European Market.

  2. 27m45 so less car id for more cash…. yes thats the way to go
    EU ev cars/brands milking ppl

  3. i like what mini n ford did,same old design just with an electric motor how hard can it be,people out here designing things which dont look like cars ,like that merc doesnt look like a merc why cant they take the current say for example gle n do a combustion version n an electric version as to designing this weird staff of theirs with stupid wheels lmaooo

  4. very very expensive crash repair , likely be a scrapped vehicle for a front bumper dent, Not very environmentally friendly !!

  5. When I saw the new projected(?) electric Polo before hearing Mat mention "VW", I thought , HHhmmmm…! New scaled down
    Range Rover model….!!

  6. I'm kinda sad because they used to have some motor shows here in Australia but the problem is it got axed a few years ago 🙁

  7. By the end of the decade there will be huge dumps of depleted, dead batteries and junk yards crammed with clapped out EVs. It's not the way forward and they are, despite the bilge from the makers, totally impractical with pathetically small ranges. It'll be so much fun standing for hours at a charging point to get you going again. Nothing dates so quickly as a vision of the future.


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