Big Boy Towing Wars! 2018 Ford Expedition vs Chevy Suburban ) Big Boy Towing wars! 2018 Ford Expedition vs Chevy Suburban Towing ( ) …

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  1. "…they don't offer the big 6.2 liter…".

    I think you meant the big 8.1 liter. It's a shame they got rid of it. You could haul three of those horse trailers.

  2. 3rd row seat in the suburban is so small it's pathetic, especially for how large the vehicle is. Doesn't work for MY situation, but I'm sure it does for others. The expedition ticks more boxes for me.

  3. It's 2020
    I still don't know why they changed the name to Yukon XL instead of GMC Suburban
    Like it used to be

  4. I’ve driven the new 6.2 and the eco post still blows it away especially towing it’s so effortless

  5. I own one. Ford Expedition Stealth. The rubber around the passenger windows is already warping. Unacceptable for a $70k SUV.

  6. A real comparison would be the 5.3 to the 5.0 and a 6.2 to the 3.5 turbo. Also you can get the 6.2 you just have to get the higher trim.

  7. I have owned both and I would never own a suburban again. If you like door handles and trim falling off driving down the road then it is for you. My suburban dash had more cracks than a nudist colony. Same age and miles and the expedition held up way better.

  8. actually u can get a 6.2 subburban idk if thats new but i know u can get it now because chrolet puts that info on their website, and yes i am looking at the suburbban, not the tahoe

  9. I think the expedition is more a professional truck/van, with more power, more gears, a more upscale interior, massaging seats (for real 😮 ), whereas the suburban is more of a family truck. 2 screens for passagers, a little bit more room, easier access to seats with a larger corridor to remove/install baby car seats.
    I prefer the Suburban if I think of my 5 children, I prefer the Expedition if I think of the massaging seats

  10. Why doesn't either one of these companies offer a 3/4 ton version? GM makes them, but only offers them for sale to the government or fleet vehicle buyers, not the general public…pathetic.

  11. I am interested in the Ford with the Heavy-Duty Trailer Tow Package to tow a Winnebago trailer rated at 6620 dry weight. This will be to use probably like 5-10 times a year for our family of 3. I am new to the RV experience and would like to have feedback. I am not too much fan of a pickup all year long and thought this SUV might be the solution. Thank you

  12. Just had a 18’ Expedition WITHOUT the max towing package and it was scary. It didn’t tow well and the 3.5 got hot! Make sure you folks get the max towing package if you plan on towing on a regular basis. The salesman told me it didn’t matter, and it does.

  13. All GM engines with AFM have issues; and when it goes you may or may not get an engine code. It keeps pouring gas into the cylinder spark doesn't go off, the gas makes it's way into the oil, bye-bye engine. Google AFM issues, and search for AFM removal kits on Amazon, people aren't spending $600-$900 to remove AFM for no reason.


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