BMW M3 CS vs Audi RS4 – Review & Drag Race, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST

It’s the whole German story in our recent competition! The new 3-liter BMW M3 CS with 460hp is mounted against the 2.9-liter, 450hp ….

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  1. How slow the Audi is from the rolling Start… terrible!!! It would be destroyed by a 340i,.. but at launching it is very fast !!!

  2. The way that RS4 launches, especially during the second run, you can see the front wheels are pretty much close to lifting off the ground! That's one helluva car

  3. Part of what I love most about these reviews is how genuinely he enjoys what he's doing. He absolutely loves it. The enthusiasm is evident in every single video.

  4. Less about BMW vs Audi and more about RWD vs AWD. Put AWD on that BMW and it would destroy the Audi.

  5. Everybody knows that bmw cars are faster than audis,audis are just drag cars every audi person knows they won't dare challenge a bmw in a motorway they get embarrassed all the time,even on a track the m3cs will fare better and can lap faster than that rs4,that's the ultimate driving machine

  6. Not to be a sofa expert; But after watching several of the videos from this channel for years now, I am indefinite convinced these guys dont know how to launch a car, not only in this case but in the most cases.
    Both cars could have been launched harder regardless of the outcome of this but I can tell you for certain that I can launch that M better and if Im against that fool in the Audi because he doesnt know how to launch Audi, he would be at large in this race against me.
    When you have 400+ hp its not enough to just "GO" you will be a looser unless you have significantly more power to recoup for your bad start mistakes which isnt the case with these cars.


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