BMW M3 v Porsche 911: Drag Race

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  1. 182mph top speed out of a car with 385 horsepower and no significant weight reduction is actually quite impressive.

  2. Not sure what you meant by “awwww that was close” matt because it took less than a second for that green machine to disappear

  3. That race is not fair, you needed to get the M4 Comp Xdrive. Porsche is all wheel drive. There is a dramatic difference between the two.

  4. It would be interesting to see how much faster the carrera is with just a tune since it can get + 150hp with no mods

  5. Porsche 911! A sports car rather than a sports saloon. Over the quarter mile it’s only a tenth off the 4 litre V8 RS6. Absolutely stonking for an ‘entry level’ car.

  6. Easy to remember, 911 divided by 1505 is 0,605. And 0605 is the city code of the Biebergemünd. It cant be easier than this, can it?

  7. 11.7 seconds 1/4mile
    292km/h ( i bet it could go faster if u remove the limiter)
    only 385horsepower.
    GERMAN ENGINEERING is something else bruh!

  8. BMW ugly as sin, overweight, and smashed by the car with much less power and torque. Well done BMW another styling failure. Bring back Bangle.

  9. If this was a Carrera s even that M3 would’ve been done and I’m a BMW lover as well but it’s just the facts

  10. The basic 911 top speed is min. 293 kmh / 182 mph by Porsche figures – also in normal environment conditions with quality fuel a lot more.

  11. Matt could you at least once race a base 911 with the sports chrono so you can use launch control and the boast button during the rolling race? It’s only a $2800 option but should have an even greater impact on performance.

  12. Some times you guys should continue your drag race beyond the 1/4 mile to see exactly when the other car will catch and pass the 1/4 mile winner (if the cars are similar to these). The BMW M3 should have easily gone by the 911 just beyond the 1/4 mile based on its power advantage and being so close in the 1/4 mile. Just a thought. I think that would be an interesting race to add to the (1/4 mile, 50 roll, 3rd gear roll) races you always do. Also, remember all it takes is a quick tune to remove that top speed limiter. No way I'd be limited to 155 mph in a new M3. For example a $37k Civic Type R can do 170 mph. So there's no way an M3 should be held back to only 155 mph. My nearly 30 year old 1994 Camaro Z28 (only 275hp, LT1) did 155 mph (bone stock).


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