BMW M5 v Nissan GT-R v Ducati V4R – DRAG RACE * modified cars vs motorcycles *

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  1. Could These people make a more boring video. Let a 72 year old race them…..ME. if you are up to facing an old man who has never raced anyone, I have 500K to see if you can beat me on my H2

  2. $300,000 GTR Modified waist of money… Nissan GTR history preserved… Modified GTR (Company name…?) Destroyed by Car Wow's video.

  3. That V4R doesn't have 221hp.. it still has the stock exhaust which is around 205. When you add the full akra race exhaust is when you get the full 221.

  4. Reminds me of the original shelby cobra le mans race people be shocked as to why it wins when its light weight with a decent size engine for back in the day.


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