BMW M760Li 2019 review – see why it’s worth £138,000 | carwow

This is the BMW M760Li. Coming in at £138000, it’s one of the most expensive BMWs money can buy… but then again, it’s also… .

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  1. I wonder why BMW pretended that this car wasn't an M7?
    For a brief period, it was the fastest BMW ever and even now, I think it has only been usurped by the M5 and M8 Competition models.
    Sounds very much like a proper M car to me.

  2. Wow, this is what the 7 series looked like before the grille went bat$#!T crazy!!! Not bad. But I kinda see the later models of the 7 series (particularly the M760i) looks bigger and more stately (past the grille). Still this is a V12 BMW M760 and after 3 years of depreciation, it becomes affordable!! 😉

  3. One of the worst car one can own.
    Just too many electronic problems & very lousy rides during snow. Sold it for a lost, but no more headache.


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