BMW M760Li vs Skoda Superb 280 DRAG RACE, OVERTAKE, BRAKE & LUXURY challenge | Expensive vs Cheap

The BMW M760Li is possibly the perfect luxury limo, but what if you’re on a more modest budget? The Skoda Superb 280 has … .

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  1. Now we know who are teaching these drivers who increase speed of their car when they are attempted to be overtaken.

  2. bruh i am starting to really love the skoda brand for its money if you ignore the power is almost the same

  3. the best thing about skoda cars is humiliate sports cars like bmw mercede o, audi drivers of supercars can't imagine that a superb can can be more powerful than their cars. I have a superb v6 3.6 4×4. Is so fun do it.

  4. In the world of high end cars, BMW is one of the worst. My grandpa used to do car races in 70s and 80s, and the car that killed him was the BMW. And unfortunately it still is like that

  5. Toy compare super class auto like BMW with normal class like skoda seat kia. Ridiculous. Get Bentley Jaguar RR Mercedes Maserati and make test again with Bring Mich im Werkstad.

  6. It was clear that the bmw is going to win each parameter 1 maybe for the skoda parts price may be chipper

  7. Well, in my opinion it's a great car for your money. It's not high end, no, but it's still a genuinly good car


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