BMW M8 v M5 CS v M5 Comp: DRAG RACE

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  1. BMW have to be giving fake numbers on the M5CS engine tune, I feel like surely there’s more then just an extra 10hp and some carbon fibre going on with those cars, they’re ridiculously fast.

  2. M5 comp and M8 has the same power and M5 comp is lighter. No way M8 pass it. M5 cs will be the clear winner for sure. Sth wrong with that M5 comp though.

  3. 250kph is 155mph Mat, and the displayed 264kph is probably 250kph true speed so the limiter worked perfectly.

  4. You know what he uses them googly eyes for 😉 any one been that club where they have people dance on silver poles 😀

  5. Bmw did remove the 155 limiter then the owner added a 164 limiter in the form of an absolutely ridiculous wing

  6. The m5 comp and m8 have the same power output , and the m8 weighs more . So why can't the m5 comp keep up with it ?

  7. Why Did The Owner Of The BMW M8 Put A Ridiculous Spoiler On A Avery Good M8 It Could Have Been Faster And Looked Better

  8. am I going to make another comment on the M5 comp under performing? nah there's enough repetitive on here already.


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