BMW M8 vs M2: KOKANI Competition * David vs Goliath! *

Coronavirus: Click here for instructions on buying car during the epidemic – The BMW M8 Competition ….

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  1. Mat was scared with the M8 with RWD, then imagine what would it be with a Dodge Demon without a prep surface. It's as scary as hell.

  2. Matt, i've watches a lot of your videos for the past year. Just like the recent videos, you talk about 'BMW fanboy' and actually you are one of them to be honest, as i didn't see you make a video between only Mercedes Benz cars. So… my proposal to you would be to make something like 'CLS 63 AMG vs S 63 AMG' or 'G 63 AMG' vs 'GLE 63 AMG'. What do you think?

  3. Matt, race two M5 in a roll on, but one in 2 wheel drive.. See if less friction creates more horsepower

  4. @carwow Can you make a race between the BMW M3 Competition and M4 Competition? Maybe even with the all wheel drive system what realize in a few month. Would be nice:)


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