BMW X2 vs Volvo XC40 vs Jaguar E-Pace – Which is the best small SUV? | | Mutu-2-Mutu

With Britain vs Germany vs Sweden on our most recent challenges! BMW X2, Volvo XC40 and Jaguar E-Pace are three ….

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  1. We just bought a previously owned 2019 Volvo XC40 T5 R Design, and wow are we blown out of the water with this car. It has 17,400 miles on it in perfect Volvo Certified condition.
    We did trade in our 2007 Volvo convertible with low miles as we garage and cover every winter. With that being said, we opted to add a 10 year 100,000 bumper to bumper warranty because of all the beautiful electronics on this car.
    It drives like a dream, and we are enjoying the 9” iPad size screen, Harmen Karden sound system.
    Don’t be on the fence if you are looking at the smaller luxury SUV’s. Volvo is really got this niche covered. Our tween grandchildren love the ride in the backseats, and they report this car is so comfortable that they do not get car sick especially with the full panoramic views they have with the car window and full sunroof exposure. The vents in the back are an A+ for air conditioning or heat.
    We feel completely safe knowing that it automatically stops for pedestrians and large animals. It also vertical parks itself (in and out) and has 360 degree cameras to avoid any tight fitting areas. The list goes on and on……………
    That is my take as one really happy consumer on our purchase.
    By the way, our other car is a 2017 RAV 4. It also has very low miles. We gave this to our daughter whom needed a car. It’s a great reliable car as well. However the road noise interferes with my husbands hearing aid……so it had to go.

  2. Jag looks great but the fact Its based on a evoque meant it’ll break down every 3 months so that’s that one out the window! The bmw looks dated as hell inside and out, So Volvo it is! Looks great inside and out!

  3. X2 not really an SUV in my eyes. I have road tested the other 2 though the e pace is the latest model. The jag is smoother and more comfortable, volvo is good but the e pace has the edge .

  4. Bmw x2 hands down. It's like a super-sized hatchback. The other two or just tpoor attempt at creating a cheap SUV. If you approach the bmw x2 as a pure SUV only then yes, it completely fails against the bigger guys like a tahoe, navigator or an escalade but it's not necessarily trying to be a small regular SUV it's going for that practicality and sportiness. The Volvo and jaguar jist fall those areas looking like poor, smaller EU versions of American beasts.

    The BMW is likely getting lots of attention whereas the other two are just tbeing overlooked by bigger cars in the SUV segment. Nothing screams uniqueness about them.

  5. Swedish engineers are doing well by making Volvo, Volvo has won the race among the three cars, what I thought the BMW will win the race but its Volvo and the Jaguar is no more a British brand, now its an Indian brand, please correct it.

  6. I love the design of the jag…. But I'd go for the volvo it's cheaper and a smother ride. That matters living in the UK as there are more pot holes than tarmac these days.


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