BMW X3 v Audi Q5 v Volvo XC60: UP-HILL DRAG RACE & which is best OFF-ROAD!

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  1. Лучше снимай привычный драг рейсинг, эти внедорожные тесты -хуйня!

  2. This was a horrible one. You can see the BMW was always driven muci slower for no reason and they didn't keep the momentum.

  3. Umm not sure how accurate this review is! The same driver should have drove each car.. everyone drives differently. Do the same review using the same driver please.

  4. We are missing the "If you crash onto the trees and then roll over" test, where volvo would´ve get another 3.

  5. A very unfair battle with the bmw being the most powerful followed by the Audi and then Volvo do another race which is more of an even match and then it will give people a much better way to judge which 4 wheel drive system is best

  6. Q5 Quattro with that engine is not equipped with the Torsen diff (classic stuff),but is also based on Haldex (quattro ultra). U should have used the 50TDI with the 3l engine,which uses the "classic" quattro.


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