BMW X3 vs Audi Q5 vs Volvo XC60 2018 – which is best? | Head-to-Head

It’s an SUV showdown – BMW X3 Vs. Audi Q5 Vs. Volvo XC60. We’ll review design, practicality and drivability to give you the … .

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  1. I love my XC60, and it’s 10 years old. We’re planning to replace my husband’s S40 with an XC90 in the next couple years, and then hand the S40 down to our son. If you take care of them, Volvos will just keep going, and look and drive great doing it, even with a lot of miles. The S40 has 136,000 miles and my XC60 has 125k miles and they both handle like new and still look sharp. My husband loves the new body style but I’ll happily drive my 2012 XC60 into the ground. Volvos are a sound investment that feels like a splurge.

  2. Im from Sweden volvo nowdays is something for rich people. New volvos are really how to say handsome but people complain soo much. The electronics errors allot and nergds uppdated whock you cant do your self. The standards is so not good since china produces it. China made studf aint reakly good. They guy who take cares like for updates said new volvos are problematic. Its not a qualitything as before. Ihad xc60 gave it back since it wasnt even one year old with massive problems. Now i have bmwx3 a brilliant car. German made stuff aint never bad quLity

  3. I was looking at the BMW X3 and the Volvo XC60. Bought the Volvo. So glad I did,because I was hit by a drunk driver and my car was told Alex. Me and my sister were brought to a level 1 trauma hospital where my injuries were not life threatening and my sisters were- due to the seatbelt. I’m glad I was in the Volvo and not the beemer as volvos are superior for safety. I watched a video a bmw and a Volvo crash test. No comparison. Volvo driver for life, I’ll take a bit slower and a few little irritants over the polish of the bmw. My car saved my life as well as my sisters.

  4. Buyer beware! My 2019 Volvo XC60 sunroof leaked less than 3 years old caused my car flooded, and Volvo Canada denied warranty!

  5. Be aware! Don't buy XC60!!! My 2019 Volvo XC60 sunroof leaked less than 3 years old caused my car flooded, and Volvo Canada denied warranty!

  6. I must say having owned the XC60 2018 r design and 2021 Audi Q5 sline. I choose the XC60. So much more comfortable and customer service is good. Audi customer service is crap and too many problems with the car. Google maps diaappeared and cannot be loaded as they cant get the car online. Clunking brakes, and very hard suspension for my liking. Sold my Audi within 6months and 2300 mile for a £3000 profit due to high demand of nearly new cars because of the chip shortage. Bought a brand new X3 30e PHEV msport with lots of optionS. Hopefully, I will like it.


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