BMW X4 M40d v Civic Type R v Audi e-tron: DRAG RACE *Diesel v Petrol v Electric*

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  1. Be interesting to know what mode the gear box was in for each section, as that bmw is a tonne of torque but in drive it is setup to be a easy jerk free ride and fuel frugal

  2. That's the thing I love about diesel engines: they have so much low-end torque and they feel fast in cars that have them~~ but once it gets higher and higher in speed, the torque just isn't there 🙁

  3. That Civic Type R is an odd one in this drag race 😀 But that FWD gave it that advantage in rolling races and those brakes are amazing ~~ 😀

  4. I think there are many aspects to consider when buying a used car.

    If it is not done he must suffer..

  5. As a X4 M40d owner, I can tell you that as an all round car, it's Fricken amazing! Cornering grip is unbelievable for a big car.

  6. The BMW 40d engine is really fantastic and a bit underrated. In any real world scenario it will come out on top. It is not by chance that BMW put it in the new 8-series…

    Matt once said "Diesel is only for saving fuel". While he is correct that you do save a ton of fuel it is far from the only reason to choose a diesel car over a petrol car. Though I find it a pretty amazing that a 3.0 litre, 6 cylinder twin turbo engine that can do 0-60 in 3.8 seconds also will give you 47 MPG. My primary reason for choosing a diesel sports car is the versatility it offers. At highest gear the engine is barely audible and the ride super smooth and calm. Kick down a few gears and the car instantly forces you into the seat!

    I compared the petrol brother (M440i) to my car before buying and just could not accept the constant high revs of the engine, even in ECO mode…yes it is fun on track days or "inspired" sunday rides but for everyday use, long trips, city traffic and towing it is not an option. Petrol engines today are IMO only for dedicated sports cars. In any other application a diesel will be the smarter choice.

    I am not considering electric here since they are still not a serious choice to any ICE car (too many limitations for me at least).

    P.S. this is apparently the 2000th comment to this video! 8-o


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