Breaking News: Here’s Everything That’s New (And Not) About The 2022 Ford F-250 Super Duty! ) 2022 Ford Super Duty trucks are here! This is Everything That’s New ( and Not ) about the 2022 Ford …

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  1. DEF shortage coming up. You better get stocked up or get ready for limp mode. This is going to skyrocket inflation and crush trucking companies.

  2. Any update regarding the “wobble” coming from the front end above certain speeds? Or are they still only going to address it when the issue is raised by an owner?

  3. Am opposite I like alot of chrome in my Trucks so King Ranch Tremor ultimate monochromatic package is Taylor-made for me.

  4. wish they threw the 2021 F-150 interior in the new F-250. Doesn't make sense that the F-150 is a better work truck when is comes to satellite capabilities vs a super duty. Wish ford would include all the new features so I can have the perfect work platform. At least the onboard generator.

  5. this "review" is literally only a review that you can look up on Fords site..? sorry guys but this is pointless video.

  6. So glad they’ve kept the hybrid and electric stuff at bay with these trucks! Let’s keep a truck a truck!

  7. Let’s see we will charge an extra $3000 for a 12” screen over an 8” but it only cost Ford $80 for the size difference!

  8. Hey All – I just placed an order for a 2022 F-350 LARIAT. I'm looking for help from the community.

    My dealer sent me my build-sheet with a note that the "Lariat Sport Appearance Package" is NOT available from Ford. Has anyone else been denied this option?? Or am I being fed some B.S. by my guy? I can't find ANYTHING online to corroborate the claim, nor any further explanation of WHY.

    It's the option for chrome-delete / body-matched bumpers, grille, & mirrors. Ford had JUST announced it in April as one of the very few upgrades for 2022… & it's the only reason I waited & didn't order a '21. I cannot swap to the similar "Black Package" because that upsizes wheels & eliminates the "Camper Package".

    Any advice? Do I have to bite the bullet, accept the chrome, and take it to a paint shop upon receipt??


  9. I know you get asked this alot and I'm sorry to add to the list but I'm looking to buy a truck to correctly tow a Vanleigh Vilano 37 footer. Would a new Ford F250 super duty lariat do the job well? Thanks for your help. If you aren't able to answer the question, I understand. I still appreciate all your great videos and learn a ton from you. Thanks.

  10. I'm sure they will still have death wobble and within 20k miles, start shaking and trying to kill you.

  11. What the F do you need a 12” screen for?! Onboard computers should be illegal in cars! Except for the speedometer other than that they should be putting screens and computers unless of course in the back seat! Stupid people crash and kill others playing on those f-ing screens! How my friend died!!

  12. Gonna wait for their prime version for this truck. What's weird is when I went home to the Philippines in 2019, they already have diesel hybrid on their Japanese trucks. I still wonder why the usa is always behind? May because we are so focus on the green new deal! LoL

  13. I will keep my 2017 F250 XLT crew cab, for what I paid, I don't see a huge difference for the huge jump in price. I mean, my display is fine, the transmission works great, I replaced the bumpers with a custom painted color matched grumper, cowl, chase rack, and ADD rear bumper, I also added the lift level, and pro comp 37 inch tires. A few other addons as well, air ride in the back so no sag when hauling, dual compressors One for the air suspension, and one for the train horn. Added a 12000 lb warn zenon winch, replaced the tail lights, and cab lights with LED lights. The stock extended chrome running boards are starting to bubble, so I ordered some new matte black textured – Havoc HS3 Black Hoop Steps. Some recon illuminated emblems on the sides, and tail gate. Two 60 inch rows of Rigid lights one amber, the other white, 3  rigid lights facing out on each side of the chase rack , and 2 rigid lights in the rear bumper. Got maybe 60k total in the truck, including what I paid for it.  There is no way this tremor package is going to go for less than 90k. I don't need a computer to back up my truck and trailer, a camera in the bed,  and the leather steering wheel they can keep.

  14. Not part and parcel of the FY22 updates, but for those looking (like me), it is good to know that Ford issued a recall for the 10speed transmission problems recently. That said, the 2022 Super Duty trucks should be devoid of those awful issues we've all seen here on YouTube. I'm sold!

  15. If the Superduty can get the Hybrid option and a 10kwh generator or 7.2kw generator I'll take it over the F-150. Also prefer the Hybrid with extra fuel tank.


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