Brundle and Coulthard Q&A | Advanced Equipment – Part 2

In the second round of the Q&A special section, former F1 competitors David Coulthard and Martin Brundle respond to a selection ….

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  1. Makes sense David would pick the FW17. He was leading quite a few races but had mechanical problems so many times

  2. Damn some of y'all are iggernint, they already tried that…they ran F1 cars at Daytona on the banks….the drivers wouldn't go back out until the cars were restricted, they were blacking out from the G forces. They were pushing 230+ on the banking and their guts were compressing their lungs, among other things, with more to give. Awwwwesome. Didn't yall boys see Days of Thunder? Cole Trickle!!!!!!

  3. this isn't from the show top gear, this is a great q&a video of two ex formula 1 drivers (and the bbc's f1 commentators) discussing the current season. it appeared on the top gear website. if you're not interested in motor racing, then don't watch it.

  4. I'm not bitching, I asking why something unrelated to Top Gear is on the Top Gear channel. I thought the video was pretty interesting, but it doesn't really belong on the Top Gear channel either way

  5. why are you bitching? people that like top gear usually like f1. it's like you people are paying for your subscription or something, just don't watch it. i find it entertaining listening to them talk about f1

  6. "Physically he wouldn't fit. And ego-wise there wouldn't be enough room for him in the pit lane." Hahaha, David is funny.

  7. 5:29 did Brundle REALLY just say that Hammond is "good down the straights"?
    Did he not hear about what happened when they ask him to drive in a straight line?!

  8. Im not really surprised with the dislikes tbh… Top Gear is a very entertaining show and due to this, it has attracted not only car enthusiasts, but others who just like to be entertained… When a video is uploaded that is not as entertaining as the the Top Gear Hosts, these people just go crazy… In my opinion, it is for this reason that Top Gear USA and videos like this get so much dislikes. They just don't understand and appreciate cars but are only here to be entertained…


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