Building a 6X6 Pre-Runner Ford Ranger!

This week we get to work on our 6×6 Ford ranger! We got ADV fiberglass pre-runner fenders a pre-fabricated steel bumper from …

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  1. Hey I am looking for some tires for my old truck that was my grandpa and I was wondering if you want to sell 4 of the old tires off the ranger can you get back to me thanks

  2. I'm surprised that yall haven't dropped in a mustang..302/5.0 litre…V8. Small block… with 40series Flowmaster exhaust

  3. I'm from Alaska and feel like mentioning we use a ton of hockey pucks for lifts and other what not. The front core support on my tuck is spaced with hockey pucks.

  4. I'm from Sayreville NJ , hometown of Bonjovi. We have been using hockey pucks for body lifts since the early 80s

  5. Lmao I know of hundreds of trucks lifted with hockey pucks in Canada where I am. I thought this was common everywhere.

  6. Prolly would've left the thick plate where it was. Whomever made this frame didn't play around with a welder, there's actual math involved in terms of what the frame can suck up or can't. I'm thinking this was some dude with lots of expendables and a computer in the early 00's.

  7. Hockey puck lifts on trucks were quite common on trucks here in Alberta til about the late 90's early 2000's. Hell you can still find farm trucks with hockey pucks for body mounts

  8. Growing up in Wisconsin and Minnesota as a kid it wasn't unheard-of to find an old pickup with a hockey puck lift. In the spring it was pretty easy to find a few free pucks after the snow melt. I almost did it with my jeep Comanche.

  9. Not sure how you you guys define a pre runner but I don’t see you guys long traveling that thing..

  10. Next I think you need to shoehorn a Duramax engine into a Geotracker. Put it on 35’s, 6-8” lift. Big boys Barbie car.

  11. Sooo you guys went from saying you're releasing two videos a week, to releasing one twelve minute video? What up wit dat doe??

  12. Hey do you remember the old a Amazon $300 dirtbike you got you should get the better one it’s come in different colors and flop bigger than the one you have not old video does assassin

  13. You guys ought to get a gouging head or oxyfuel torch to blast the welds in stuff like that big 7/8 plate, I used to hate it but once you get smooth- insane time saver, and once you clean it up for welding you wouldn't know the difference anyway

  14. They call them rock hauler where I live. Only they take a long flat bed dually and add another dually on the end. Without leaf spring. Just weld the axel housing straight to the frame. After loading it with 10 , 20 or even 30 ton of rocks. Suspension is useless. If they get lucky and find a diesel with a 4 speed granny. They'll be good for a couple of years. They will grab a F350 or a 3500series. Dodge are rare. Actually, never seen a dodge rock hauler.

  15. its going to be a lot cooler than when i seen it in person for sale in centralia Washington. i cant remember the name of the dealer. wasnt around long. i was driving by that dealer n seen it and said wtf! probably a good 4 years ago now. even stopped to look under it cause i was curious! cool to see some ones actualy going to use it

  16. Please please please at least get oy a bolt on long travel kit for the front! It would be so capable and badass!


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