Building a Bespoke Wheel for a Classic Jaguar Racecar | Top Gear Handcrafted

In this episode of Handcrafted, we follow bespoke wheel builder Frédéric Barreau as he constructs a 72-spoke wire wheel for a ….

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  1. so satisfying! thank you Top Gear! somebody should take the place of Petrolicious and continue telling us stories of such an interesting people!

  2. Thank you so much Top Gear ! Your Handcrafted series is absolutely wonderful, and as an engineering student with a passion for pre-war cars and bikes, it gives me lots of ideas for internships, and maybe for a future job.
    Keep up the great work!

  3. These are such lovely pieces of work. I hope you continue highlighting the craftsmen still working in the car industry! I'm really glad that you are branching out and trying new car related videos!

  4. I estimate that I've built one hundred bicycle wheels and six hundred motorcycle wheels. I've always dreamt of building a set of car wheels. Well done Sir!

  5. As a bicycle wheel builder, this is very involved and impressive. I assumed incorrectly that their was some standardization. Modern bicycle wheels have standard spoke numbers. This is very cool, and greatly underappreciated. Thank you.

  6. Fantastic skills and ability. I have neither so I really appreciate those that have. Brilliant.

  7. This was fantastic to watch. Great subject to cover, great camera work, great editing, awesome work all around.


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