Can the New Ford Ranger Keep Up with the New Jeep Gladiator Off-Road? The Results Are Surprising! ) We take the new Ford Ranger FX4 midsize truck and the new 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon on an …

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  1. I have a Jeep… but even if I didn't and I needed a truck I think I would pick the Ranger… especially with these gas prices….

  2. it would be interesting also to put the ranger FX4 against the Mojave. see how much the flex matters…

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  4. Interesting to see that the trial assist was never used in the Ranger which would have allowed it to navigate the obstacles without the rear locker.

  5. I feel like the ranger (ESP Tremor) is the best compromise of off roading, yet still being able to do truck things. Plus easier to live with.

  6. Take the 18k you save on the Ranger and build it the way you want, biased opinion as the Jeep is not worth the price. Get a side by side if you want a one trick pony.

  7. i love the Hankooks on my XJ. 3 inch lift, 31in hankooks. They are a little noisy, but last a long time.

  8. I think comparing these two trucks is a waste of time. They are not designed for the same purposes. I Ranger is not a dedicated off road vehicle like a Jeep. The Ranger is primarily a road vehicle with some off road capabilities. The Ranger is far better on highway driving than the Jeep.

  9. I wouldn't waste my money on either of these. Ive been looking for a truck for a couple years and seeing u have an extra car to drive I haven't bought anything because for the money I'm not getting much. I sold a 87 silverado in show room condition about 17 years ago for 7500 and now they are going for 50k. For 10k you will get a rusted pos that needs 20 put into it just to get it on the road. We are watching the end of an empire and into a globalized world that only rich people seem to want.

  10. I kind of felt like the Jeep would just dominate off-road since it's more purpose-built for off-roading than the Ranger. But the Ranger seemed to hold its own. I'm sure in a more challenging trail the disparity will be greater though. But ultimately I'm saving up for a Bronco…

  11. where exactly outside of Seattle is this off road course? I would like to take my ranger! assuming walker valley but not sure.

  12. Why do you always call it the European Ranger when in fact the vast majority of development and design is Australian


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