Can You Daily Drive a Dodge Viper?

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS Everyone is always asking me if you can daily drive a Dodge Viper. And, so… .

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  1. Buys a 1992 Viper

    ''Oh what are the stability controls and safety features btw?''

    ''It has doors, tires and a steering wheel''

  2. Great review thanks for the video , i just prefer having the car for track racing or going to car shows ,not for everyday use.

  3. Wait, so 5 years ago you lived in PA? what an honor! so do I! im from Pittsburgh. Steelers blood! Big Ben tattoo still on me!

  4. 8:10
    Since you threw out Chicago so quickly I'm guessing you're talking about the South bend/Mishawaka Indiana area and NOT Buffalo
    We get the hottest humidist summers followed by the coldest and heaviest snow dump of a winter almost every single year, we've had a 48 hour period where we went from -50F with wind chill to 50F, shits not normal and I honestly think this is some sort of government test ground on weather control and how weather affects human mental states /s

  5. 9:12 – I would get a bumper guard and rivet it to the underside of the front end on that viper if I were you. ALSO, the most important part of any car is the tires because that's the only part that touches the ground. I would NEVER drive that car on icy ground without Winter Tires. You'd be astonished just how much of a difference it makes. It has nothing to do with what kind of car you're driving and EVERYTHING to do with the tires. Tirerack has all sorts of tires you can choose from.


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