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Chris Harris passes competitors at Top Gear’s Performance Car of the Year 2017. Which car would you like to ride ….

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  1. That's a nasty comment against the tiny Up Gti.
    Its amongst this very illustrious group of cars for a reason.
    That reason is that its brilliant fun to drive, and probably costs less than even one of the basic options on the McClaren.

    Its there on its own merit, such a brilliant affordable car, a performance bargain for the masses, a car we can all dream of owning, unlike the rest of these cars.

  2. Pure top gear quality yet again, i can't believe we put up with the self centered oaf, old man and midget for so long.

  3. It should be called "European performance car of the years". Just 1 american car… So sad… Where is tesla, corvette zo6, viper acr? … Golf, Up…? Thats a joke


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