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New Bentley Continental GT Speed

Go here to play World of Warships now! The Bentley Continental GT has been a titan in the luxury grand … .

New Lincoln has a Cinema floor 😱

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World’s First De Tomaso P72 Prototype

This is the world’s first De Tomaso P72 prototype. Only 72 units of the P72 will ever be made, however, De Tomaso has currently … .

This is how rich Elon Musk is! 😱🤯

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New 2023 Electric Rolls Royce Spectre

This is a sneak peek at the first ever electric Rolls Royce, the Rolls Royce Spectre. This is going to be one of the coolest cars in …

World’s First Supercar Submarine

This is the U-Boat Worx Nemo 2, a submarine that’s like a supercar of the sea! The Nemo 2 can take two people below water at a … .

I could watch the process of re-treading tires all day 😍

Thanks to Paisa Llantas!

Top Gear, The Stig, Chris Harris & my Lamborghini

BBC’s Top Gear invited me to YasMarina for a lifetime experience… Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @radioblondie Check… .

New Ferrari SUV Purosangue Revealed

This is the brand new Ferrari Purosangue, now the world’s most powerful SUV. This new Ferrari SUV has almost 800 horsepower … .