Chris Harris Alekeni Vehicles Listen: 911 Speedster, TVR, Lotus, E30 BMW | Advanced Equipment

At Series 29 we took our studio outside and asked our audience to showcase their cars with Drive-in. And there are many …

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  1. So glad to hear about how much he liked the e30 325i. I have an 89' 325 Vert, which checks all of the boxes for what it is. It's not an m sport, but it's the rarest color (Cirrusblau Mettalic), a manual (in America where manuals are voodoo), it has original BBS rims, and lsd factory differential, and it is in cracking condition. I'd love to see what he thinks of my car

  2. Does anyone actually like this more than Clarkson? I find myself so bored by this now. The show died zzz

  3. The brief geometry inevitably spill because shirt ironically live alongside a successful comparison. eager, exultant trowel

  4. It's taken Top Gear a few attempts to get it right but there is absolutely nothing wrong with current Top Gear. Chris Harris is who makes it though


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