Chris Harris and Vicky McClure Lap | Advanced Equipment: Series 25

This week Chris Harris mentions Vicky McClure around the Top Gear test track in this clip from episode 5 of Series 25. Note ….

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  1. They cut the bit of this scene where she forgot the car had a manual transmission 30 seconds into the lap Despite the fact she had to use the clutch to start the lap!!!

  2. Last week there was no Harris tuition, I thought they got rid of this part but obviously I was wrong… Sigh

  3. ASK YOUR SELF did u actually love that old host's as much as u think you do? If it was all about TRIO … than why they didn't make it as GT? Because it was about show (although Jeremy was epick) but still you have one I love America guy, who is now at least from America, one sloppy/slow guy who at least doesn't wear granny clothes, and than there is Harris (which fan I was even before he moved to Top Gear) the man who can actually drive, and 4 me, can do as much epic videos as Jeremy was, while backing it up with some actual knowledge about cars.

    P.S. Would be great if jethro Bovingdon or Steve from Evo could join Top Gear!


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