Chris Harris Drives … Game Vehicles: V12 Vantage S, AMG GT R, Porsche 911 GT3RS | Advanced Equipment

Harris is back with another team and this time driving the best cars of the last few years. All right, then ….

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  1. Do true sportscars need a manual 'box, or do some people just need to be told "GET WITH THE TIMES, GRANDAD"?

  2. Great vid .. ) very useful in helping me buy my first real sportscar. Videos like this, as well as some track time, really helped me narrow my selection down to GT3 or 458. Porsche was instantly my favorite to drive because it was so composed and I felt confident driving at its/my limits. I ended up buying a 911 R. I wanted to have the best of both worlds and a Manual.

  3. £140k for a car with that scaffolding in? On a separate note, Chris at his best here, what an effortlessly engaging individual.

  4. That Boxster is most certainly not something made for car people. It's for snobs that want to put the top down and probably don't know a thing about Porsche heritage.

  5. The AMG GTR is one of the ugliest cars I've ever seen, honestly. Everything about it is disproportionate and ugly but people like it because of the sound and performance. I'm sure it's a very competent car, but I also don't look at them when I see them in the wild. I don't want to.

  6. 27:13 was Chris looking for a gear shift? ahahah BTW Chris, what a job. Great man, total respect. Thanks for these videos.

  7. The music is too loud making it hard to hear the narrative. Which is why we are here. Why not let us hear the motor instead?

  8. Unpopular opinion.. I cant even watch the 911, it feels like all the Porsches are the same these days and are a dime a dozen.

  9. Best reviewer with such amazing video work… what an enjoyable experience to watch. For a moment I felt like I was right there driving it with him. Thanks for these videos, lets all go out and enjoy some gas-burning, fun, revy, manual transmission cars before they're mere memory.

  10. you know a journalist is good when his subject is clear,
    and you know when a journalist is great when he is commended more
    than what he commends.

    chris harris, ladies and gentlemen

  11. Chris Harris…somehow he is spot on when explaining his position. No need to guess what he means. THAT I do like!


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