Chris Harris Drives … Retro: Ferrari 250LM, Mini Cooper S, Alfaholics GTA-R | Advanced Equipment

This time Harris is behind the wheel of antiquity …. kind of. With these beautiful restomods and fun, they are not ….

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  1. Being a petrol head is about much more than flooring the gas pedal a bit too often.
    It’s even about more than the actual driving itself. I’ve always loved to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon washing my car, detail the interior, take of the rims and go to town on them, keep the engine bay nice and clean…and afterwards a quiet, relaxed ride to reward yourself for a job well done.
    But as Chris mentioned the recent passing of his mom and the memories of her racing a Mini in better days I think he touched upon one of the most valuable aspects of being a car enthousiast. For me some of the most precious memories I have are “car” related. My mom driving her blue Civic pretty wildly when I was a little boy in the early eighties, my dad driving like a bit of a hooligan in his red Ford Capri. And above all the Rallye du Condroz that my dad never missed and the annual family holiday to the Ardennes where we stayed on a camping near Francorchamps so we could go see the full 24 hours, at night watching the machines storming the Raidillon with my uncle and my dad, letting me sip a bit of cognac from their flask and than gobbling down a delicious, greasy hamburger and a heavily overpriced ice cream on top, just because it’s “THE 24 hours”.
    It all seems like yesterday, but it isn’t. Without realising it at the time you lose your nearest and dearest one after one…enjoy their company while you can, my friends. It’s time well spent

  2. I wonder if they would upgrade a 1970 Giulia GTA to my specifications. Full wider arches and everything. (Maybe the arches even in carbon fiber..! Now that would be something!)

  3. That sound on the Alpha is heavenly and the looks are stunning! Chris really knows how to drive. Amazing video! I’ve been back to watch this over again several times.

  4. Bugatti section – don’t need forced ENGLISH subtitles. Am english. I can understand english. Idiots at Top Gear.

  5. An original GTA was in the ballpark of 700KG, so how, with all the carbon and such, have Alfaholics made it heavier…

  6. literally the only reason im here is becuz of the alfa, cuz i still think older top gear was still better with those 3

  7. Some old Giulia sprint gave up its life for that ,their workshop must be full of original Alfa parts…,but they are obviously not too worried about preserving the past…and for that money couldnt you by an original GTA…

  8. Always thought Chris as a bit of a tube, but I was wrong. After watching this vid he is a real petrol head unlike the two other muppets on TopGear!

  9. @ 7:48 I feel like in GENERAL if you're going to accuse someone of something you BETTER take a moment to consider the evidence and make damn sure it's solid. Defamation should be taken a lot more seriously. Back in the day you could easily lose your life for insulting someone's honor. I think that tradition should've stayed, it'd make people more respectful and more considerate before they speak mistruths.

  10. I love how it just squats down on it's ass like that. It looks like it wants to blast through the sound barrier. Lovely.

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  13. Love chris harris. He speaks on cars to your heart, whereas the previous cast went for cheap laughs.


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