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Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, we are excited to announce that Top Gear TV and Extra Gear host Chris Harris will …

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  1. He seems like a great guy knowleged and a skilled driver…….but he's not funny nor is anyone else on the show and that's whats going to kill Top Gear a bunch of annoying people that the producers are going to try and make funny, it's just a regular boaring car show now 🙁

  2. Chris Harris is one of the few car journalists that realised that people don't watch supercar reviews because they're looking to buy them, they're watching them to see drifting and tire screeching.

  3. best presenter of the post Clarkson era. Get J. Button from f1, and Felipe Massa now that he has retired and make them do stupid things with cars. I would watch that.

  4. Chris harris is good man but whatever happens whoever comes no one will never watch that show ever again. because Jeremy Clarkson made this program to world class stand out program.. In the 90 s the only program i watched top gear as a kid even forgetting cartoons because of that voice of Jeremy and performance of Tiff needell i'm not just saying ask millions of people around the world live with that age. After show relaunch in October, 20, 2002. it rise like super star around the world with Richard Hammond , Jason Dawe and James May alone with Jeremy Clarkson…. and Clarkson turn top gear from nothing to million pound worth super star. that's how he love to BBC and Top Gear and This is how you BBC treated such a amazing man with kick-out for only just for punch. you need to apologise him. the biggest mistake BBC ever made was fired the Clarkson …. This new show is Rubbish… you selfish, useless basted BBC….go to hell.

  5. Top Gear will never be the same again! Top Gear is no lenger Top Gear! If you don't like the new Top Gear, then go and watch "The Grand Tour" on "Amazon Prime".

  6. So excited that Neil Carey is getting involved! TG have a great film crew and do some beautiful shooting, but Neil is a true master – I've never seen any other auto footage on his level


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