Chris Harris V8 Walkarounds | Advanced Equipment

Chris Harris rides Jack Rix through three V8 cars from the first division of Series 25 and that’s why he chose McLaren. .

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  1. This guy could sell me grapes on the moon.He grabs every car by neck TOP OF THE BUCKET LIST

  2. 350R can definitely do more than just "straight lines" these days… That's in the past now. Independent rear suspension, no more locked/fixed/solid axle nonsense. Even the Camaro, Corvette, Viper, etc all have way, WAY better handling now than they did 15-20 years ago. Just check the track times for the evidence.

  3. Ever since 2002 I have loved Top Gear and I still do. No other new shows with old men can capture what the original has.

  4. Why are they still doing this? They've pretty thoroughly proven that Top Gear, in it's current format, doesn't work without Clarkson, May and Hammond. The challenges they've done have just felt tame and soulless and the presenters have so little personality I cannot even recall most of their names.

  5. New Top Gear is way better than the old guys at Grand Tour. Honestly Grand tour is rubbish, dead story line and lame jokes.


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