Chris Harris vs the Lamborghini Sián: an 807bhp, 217mph, V12 hybrid | Advanced Equipment: Series 30

In this teaser of the upcoming Top Gear series, Chris Harris rides behind Sián – Lamborghini for the first time to enter ….

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  1. Seems gimicky that you see a line go up when braking and up when accelerating, but what does it tell you. It's all wow bang cool, but what more? What does it tell you, that you already saw in the video and will you ignore it in a few hours knowing that the reaction will be the same every time you brake and accelerate? I mean, why even is there a need to display this other than an initial wow factor in the first drive.

  2. Aswer Lamborghini sian sporty stabil cut air sporty car Lamborghini Sian sporty amazing world the sport good Technology

  3. Lambo with batteries?? Really??? Lambo with HYDRO, is a future, real future. Batteries is total stupidity in every car of the world!

  4. What a car… Absolute amazing in ever respect. and the technology is brilliant. I hope the other car manufacturers are paying attention. This is how you do a hybrid right!

  5. Did they just solved the hybrid engine problem? Next thing you know all hybrid car uses the same engine


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