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In Article 17, Top Producer Andy Wilman talks about what’s coming in Part 1 of the series ….

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  1. I love how the entire video you sit like Woowww, fantastic, epic, massive, huge, and at the he says: "That's show one." 😀
    Only with TopGear.

  2. I heard it was because of the X Factor and that it would be back in November, I hope it's back soon!!

  3. Automotive engineers made the whole world. Why Jeremy mocks Arabs.?!?! Even if the style of the Saudi youth is not good .. supposed to Jeremy is a refined style. And advise them. Especially as it was the age of my grandfather Hahaha, but fell from my eyes .. because he is flouted. Style street boys know why they call Arabs the clown Hahah?!?!

  4. Jeremy hypocrite. He has to apologize to the Arabs. And Saudi . When Jeremy got on to enact leadership?!? Most of the people of the Gulf lead and 14 years of age?!! Tell me the old Jeremy dementia?!! Are rich people of Britain?!?! Hahahah

  5. Hypocrite .. the company that paid him more. Trying to highlighted more.?! In one of the episodes .. flouted the Arabs and Saudis. Ncioa Are you fools that Arab-Islamic civilization since 1400 years?!!

  6. I hat jermy…i hat that clown…any company pay more money to him..jermy talking mire a.more ..

  7. tanner would woop ass but i dont think his personality would =( he is one of the best drifters in the world he beats the dc shoes guy offen

  8. Same here, I've been rewatching some older seasons as well. They're just as good as the newer series in my opinion. 😛

  9. Then i prase this man they got me into cars more than i would have thought i thought they where a thing to go A-B until this show i would not dig cars as much as i do now.

  10. man i just got into top gear early this year it is hard to wait i have seen all the ones in the past 5-6 years and most of the older ones on BBC A


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