Compare and contrast: The Lexus RC F v. BMW M4 Learn about some of the great things that separate the new 2015 Lexus RC F from the BMW M4 thank you ….

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  1. Bmw is a great lease vehicle but we know for sure m4 is designed as a lease car and Lexus luxury is that it starts all the time and is proven reliable

  2. The lady forgot to mention the Lexus is way more reliable and offers a way better resale value over the years.

  3. I have RCF and to be honest it's a really nice car. But everything in this video is completely idiotic and what it could do is making every Lexus owner looks like a moron. Delete this video please. Shame on you, NA Lexus 🙁

  4. Hahahahahaha!!!!! What a joke of a video. The knobs are normal and the gauges are analog and old… ewww! LMFAO

  5. I actually think RCF looks more special, but they forgot to mention rcf is ~400 pounds or 180 kg heavier, slower to 60 as well as in 1/4 mile, has less grip, longer breaking distance and there's no single independent test where it is faster around the track. Also M4 sits 4 in comfort, provides great visibility, has real boot and better gas milage as a cherry on top. As for hp advantage, it is on paper only – M4 is ~420 hp at the wheels.

  6. m4 is far superior to the rcf.

    If subjective styling, and LED standard, door handles, and a baby wing and weaker performance makes it a better car????

  7. What about 4 yr 50k free service from BMW Ms. Chen? Lexus just won't stop making these horrific insecure videos..

  8. BMW, paying more for a badge. Out of date old mans car. I'll take the stylish charismatic Lexus any day.

  9. Ming-Jou Chen has to learn how to compare properly. This video makes me dislike Lexus even more. That's just unprofessional…

  10. pff the BMW IS faster even with less HP. the lexus is 467 hp but 389 torque.. the BMW 425 hp and 406 torque… oo and it is lighter. ill take the M4 for sure.

  11. Well M4 has 0-100 in 3.9 s but RC F doesn't have 🙂
    Both great cars and I would take RC F over an M4 but reality is M4 is faster

  12. In terms of exterior design, the M4 wins hands down. When we're talking about the $50,000-$75,000 segment for a sports car, lets face it, you want a car not only to handle amazing but to look amazing while it's fun to drive. The Lexus RC doesn't look amazing, i'll admit the design is edgy on the outside but it's not pretty. The BMW have kind of kept the design of the front the same for the past 10 years but it works. Don't fix something that's not broken and it works for BMW. However, as for Lexus models, the design has been broken and they're trying to fix it. They fixed that broken design with the Lexus IS F sport from the previous generation IS. But the RC is not pleasing to look at. If I were to buy/lease one for that price range, because the BMW looks MUCH cooler, i'd go with M4 over the RC F.

    RCF's ugly design won't stop me from getting the 2015 Lexus IS 250 F sport this August. IS 250 F sport looks beautiful.

  13. I like Lexus RC F better for one reason.
    N.A vs Forced Induction
    It's not just because of the turbos but
    F8X sounds so awful.
    Bring back the sprite of E92 M3 V8!

  14. I think Ming has bumped her head….RC F is a glorified Camry…. Not even in the same league as a M3/4…

  15. All she had t0 say Lexus you'll drive alot BMW you'll drive to the shop alot after 4 years of ownership

  16. M4 any day that car has heritage…and to this lady "blowing out someone elses candle doesn't make yours shine any brighter" 

  17. for a car your going to beat on id say lexus is the best because it will be reliable for a long long time. 

  18. Lets talk about how much of a pig the RCF is lol.

    Even thought the M4 is down 40+ HP its still faster to 60 and has a much faster 1/4 time due to it being much lighter. 

    R.I.P RCF.

  19. Lexus how about you go up to some random guy and I mean a random guy who I sun biased of Lexus or BMW. Take him for a track day with m4 and RCf. And make him do a review on the same things this lady that you pay millions to. To talk all one sided. Just remember your an over priced Toyota and Japanese.


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