Competition 2020 BMW X6 M – Sound, Interior and Exterior

BMW X6 M (2020) – Internal and Exterior Engine: V8, 4.4 L, 625 Hp, 750 Nm 0-100 (km / h): 3.8 s High Speed: 290 km / h ….

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  1. Bmw u did it all i hope for the 2023 model u use the i4 screen with more ambient lighting options that's all u need ntg else mercedes benz is getting out of class to me on more moneys to repair

  2. But wait until bmw comes in with new I drive with the long screen mercedes will be over on also better ambient lighting

  3. Bmw is a mercedes benz killer.. benz is rushing to market making their car not so strong anymore so u of to spend alot more money owning a mercedes benz.. while bmw is more focus on making strong, aggressive, car that the customer want mercedes is more like competition but actually failed because thier moving too fast .. now only their entertainment system is better than bmw ntg else

  4. 0:02 Ironic I was locked up in the Federal Penitentiary for speeding and wreckless driving on my 3 series bimmer. Sometimes I wonder if BMW is Uncle Sam's contractor. If that's true, it would be both sad and funny.


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