Competition for BMW M5 vs BMW M5 and DMS | Gravity Competition | Advanced Equipment

Do you think the BMW M5 Race 616bhp was strong enough? Try DMS’s 774bhp version, only for three main models. .

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  1. They must have dumbed it down in first and second gear. Why would the same car with more hp be loosing until the end?

  2. There’s not going to be a huge difference till after 100mph or so, then the tuned car will annihilate the standard one.

  3. Tbh tuner school at Hennessy should do some collaboration with them and make some deranged car with like 1500bhp

  4. Please topgear if you read this just let Chris Harris and Matt Watson from carwow present. Because you guys really losing grip and fans obviously.

    Ps. If you really need a trio add that guy from car throttle.

  5. What happened to HARTGE????…They would have put the V12 in the 8Series by now…ever since BMW bought Schnitzer, they been just making body kits and intercooler upgrades….corporate takeover coz of that dark green E36 M3 CSi they built…I think BMW took them over so that they can own the Uber M3…twas a good move, but now ACS cant build a proper BMW- M Division has gone too soft…pls bring back the old manager or hire that guy from Lamborghini whose running Bugatti now…BMW so confused trying please the rich and missing the point: its the guys without and who cant afford BMWs who make the rich guys buy it- so please them and the money will follow- an E30 M3 or 333i/325i has more street cred than a nw M4- which is outdone by a C63 Benz just by idling…like seriously, we want ridiculous cars- we dont all go driving on the Nurburgring, so its enough to know the car can drive there- just put a big ass engine and we'll be ok doing donut and driving around one street, but it must be loud and brash…


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