Creating the Yaris WRC

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  1. <3 love the yaris. always wanted to race them, i used to take dad's out through the old roads at about 140km/h, out through the rain and snow and ice. loved that thing, hit a 6" deep puddle a couple times doing at least 140 with dad, scared the shit out of him, hydro planed it but i kept it in my lane, these roads were basically the kind of road you'd rally race on except without hair pins. fucking loved it. gotta get her running again.

  2. I built my 7afe to a 7afe+T the key is in the head work port at polish that matches intake to exhaust bottom end .20 with the micro polish crank with balance 1.8L marking 115 stock to 250 to a small set up

  3. Is Toyota putting a detuned version of that WRC engine into the lame Yaris? I don't see the point of building that awesome platform if it isn't going to benefit the consumer. I think Toyota needs to make a hot hatch for U.S.A. I am tired of the POS lame econoboxes they sell under the Scion brand.

  4. テクニカルディレクターのフランスの方に期待。素人目ですが、プジョーやシトロエンはトラクション技術の積み上げで革新的な成果を何年もの間、見事に更新してきて、それに対して、VWチームはそれをパリダカマシンのような(凄まじいストロークの足回りとかの)戦車でぶっ潰しているイメージがあります。本気で勝ちに行って欲しいです。特にVWは、生半可なマシンじゃ相手にすらならない感じ。


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