Deep Cleaning A MUDDY Ford Raptor | Best Customer Reaction | Insane Car Detailing Transformation!

Deep Cleaning A MUDDY Ford Raptor | Best Customer Reaction | Insane Car Detailing Transformation! In today’s video I …

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  1. Anyone else get the feeling that he just threw a bunch of mud on this truck to make this video better? I mean who goes mudding and leaves big globs of mud on their windshield?

  2. Why speed up the pressure washing all the time its lowkey the most satisfying part. Keep up the good work!!!

  3. I have watched you clean over 75% of a vehicle with APC, these other chemicals are not needed. Your work is amazing!

  4. Sometimes I just like driving a throwaway car bc i dont care about it lol, then there’s the extreme opposite me, watching this studying for my next hand wash and detail….

  5. I may be a woman but my dream vehicle is a red Ford Raptor with all the bells and whistles. I’d love to own one. Sigh.

  6. Dude I hope you charged him an arm and a leg for that job…. He could of cleaned it up a little before the detailing. It's like eating an oreo cookie before going into the dentist before a cleaning…. It's just no right…

  7. Fake …… zumindest der Türgriff auf der Fahrerseite müsste etwas sauberer sein ….. und der dreck auf dem Wagen läuft von vorne nach hinten weg . Nicht von oben nach unten….
    übrigens…. mit Fake Videos bekommst du nicht mehr Zuschauer…..

  8. Hey I got a question for you watch you watch you were still pressure wash the driveway and then push everything down the drain that was not a Township drain or is that one of your dreams because it needs an oil water separator or I believe?

  9. From what I can see Rupes polishing machines are very common in North America. Can I ask why? I had the opportunity to work with many different polishing machines and I must say that for me Rupes is less ergonomic and is noisy to. When I was using it I couldn't determine the RPM of the machine due to the same noise level and low and high RPM. I personally prefer Flex machines but maybe there is something I'm missing?

  10. At least it's not just a pavement pounder! This is such a badass truck! I love the Raptors though and I'm a ford guy so this was right up my alley. I also really enjoyed the Fox cleaning too! If you ever open up a shop in my area of Texas I'm definitely bringing my King Ranch F-250 to you!! It could definitely use your touch! Honestly you're probably the best I've seen on YouTube as far as detail professionals goes. Mad props dude! This is one helluva sick Raptor so that helps too haha. Great job dude.

  11. You are a Gentleman with beautiful heart.
    Wish your channel will be more bigger with millions subscriber!
    Love from Overseas


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