Design for Lexus LF-NX | Lexus

Learn how the new LF-NX concept illuminates the potential for integrated integration within the Lexus models. .

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  1. lexus never release a vehicle till its perfect. a great wine isnt made overnight. "the hard way is the pursuit of perfection"

  2. I bought an LS430 few months ago for the same unexplainable reason of why I love it so much. It is elegant and understated. It is gentle. It is polite, but with a lot of prestigious and personality. It gives you confidence and a sense of self worthy. Proud to own one.

  3. Can't believe I'm only the second dislike on this vid. Are any of you using your eyes when you watch this!? I think Johnny Lieberman summed it up well when he said, "F****** Horrible."

  4. yep, looks like transformers. don't get me wrong, the car looks awesome but I think there's too much of 'transformers' in this new midsize SUV look


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