Disco Climbing PROBLEM | Advanced Equipment – Part 1

The first three out of three. Proper car review starting here as Jeremy looks at the pros and cons of the new Land Rover Discovery. .

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  1. Damn!!! I wish my hang glider were strapped to the top and I in the passenger seat. That would have been an EPIC flight back down!!!!!!

  2. It doesn't go over bump, it just fattens them! Almost spit out my rum and Coke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a Range Rover, and it's about 3.25 tonnes!!!! Supercharged 4.2 V8. Not great on gas at all, but I LOVE that power!!!!! And it's not my daily driver, so I don't care as much. Even though I have to buy the expensive High Octane fuel because of the supercharger. Otherwise it pings like the devil. I've heard,,, Literally,, I've heard it. LOL But WOW can it off road as well. My first offroad excursion with it here.

  3. Reply to this if you think that Land Rover has messed up the new discovery. The old ones like this have an iconic look, with practical features, but the new one is just trying to copy them, not always for practicality just to try to be like the old one. I honestly think the old one looks better. Not saying the new one is not nice, it’s a amazing car, but I think the old one looks more iconic

  4. Love how they were so biased towards shit British cars. Land Rovers are absolute shit. Owned 4x with full LR service history and only main dealer service and all have left me broken down for one reason or another. Yes it felt luxurious inside but it wasn't worth the constant failures here and there. The last LR I had was 2016 Sport and it was at the dealer more than my own possession. Traded it for an RX450h and never went back. Not a single issue within the last 5 years of my ownership. That says a lot. I don't use it offroad and if I want to, I'd buy a Jeep or a Land Cruiser.

  5. ninny Clarkson, you do not kick them down, you use command shift
    and seats down I fit in 6 6 mattress, then again, I'm driving in the Aussie bush, what do I know
    I towed 4tonne 1000km

  6. Love that “Running up that hill” is sampled in the background. It literally runs up that hill… that humongous hill!

  7. Discos used to cost 27000? Now they start at 60000. Its a shame land rover went completely crazy with their prices.


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