Dodge Demon, Citroen 2CV, Hyundai i30n & MORE! | | 5 Things to See | Advanced Equipment: Series 25

From Dodge Demon drag racing to Hyundai i30n vs Kia Stinger and Citroen 2CV Challenge, check out what you should see in ….

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  1. This season is much better lads ! It's obvious that the guys have bonded and that they start being what Top Gear is about ! Keep up the good work.

  2. Still prefer TGT but Top Gear without Chris Evans is 100% better. Give Harris more airtime to do reviews. He's carrying the Top Gear brand,

  3. I fell asleep towards the end of this episode .. sad it’s not as good as it was before. Yet I still watch it time to time for the cars .

  4. I am sorry, but current Top Gear is not worthy to have Chris Harris. Chris is brilliant, but not in Top Gear, which makes him look like an idiot that he is not.

  5. You are doing great… Top gear isnt quite there yet, but they are getting there. The only thing that i would drop is the studio interviews, they were never that good. Not even in the clarkson day. Matt, Rory and chris should have road trips together. They had been doing matt and chris… And then they give somethin small for Rory. I think that gut is relly good on reviews. Actuallt, the three guys are really good when they do reviews on their own. The only thing that doesnt seem to be working is the studio prt of the shows. I dont like that they make look chris a little nerd and dumb. Thats not true, that guy is a great journalist. Anyway, as i said, not quite there yet but I have been enjoying a lot this series. Grand tour has been going from bad to worse. I really want to like it, but those guys had lost it. I get bored halfway through an episode of grand tour and i ve been watching all of top gear (just skiping the SIARPC portion of the show wich I had never enjoyed. Not even on the clarkson era). Keep the good work, TG. And keep Sabine and eddie Jordan off!!!

  6. This season as a whole is probably the best top gear has ever made, sure there has been great one off episodes but as a season it's been superb.

  7. Guys, honestly I think these new episodes are surprisingly VERY good. I think you are making a great job, the chemistry between you 3 especially Chris and Matt just works. I was afraid once the infamous trio left, but you sure are doing great job. Keep on going!

  8. I noticed that Matt and Chris do a lot of the cool stuff together with out Rory. I really hate having to watch extra gear with him at the end, sicne BBC America adds about 1 hour of comercials across the whole show. I don't care so much for the behind the scenes stuff as I do the RWD car thing he did which wasn't in the main show, and other featured stuff which should've been in the main show to begin with. Also doing the Car news is something the internet is lacking these days because of the loss of FLD, so seeing that in the show again would be nice.


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