Dodge Demon review – 0-60mph, 1/4-mile, brake & DRIFT test!

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  1. i just love that car its my dream car even though im not getting money for that and its sad that mfs call it boat (yes i know that the handeling is shit)

  2. Those tires look wrecked, and if I had to guess I'd say that was your problem. I could bang out 12 even at a buck thirty in my plain jane hellcat and that was a manual.

  3. It's hard to get the power down since it's rwd and weighs the same as a elephant. But damn it has 800 hp

  4. Just started the video and confused about him saying it's supposed to be a 10 sec car lol. It's upposed to a 9 sec car

  5. my bmw 328 has a boot opener from the inside lol, may be because its an American spec one not euro spec

  6. its nice that you made a 'dodge demon' video, but challenger rt is the car that most of the people would buy….so could you make a 'dodge challenger rt' video. please?

  7. That “yellow stripe” on the splitter is a guard so if you bump something you wont damage it. It is removable.

  8. Don't know what ppl do with free govt stuff. But I worry abt who had to pay for those handouts and THE ACTUAL cost. I worry qbt national security. National debt. Education quality and the deficiencies. I worry abt traditional families and societal morals or values. Rising crime. Ridiculous gas prices and shoddy insurance policies and mediocre health care bc of that health care system. Uncontrollable govt and giant scary entities that intimidate ppl. My own cell phone too. Then- I worry abt those that have to deal with whats coming… after I'm gone. Who will speak up then?


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