Drag Race! Ford Mustang Mach-E vs Shelby GT500 | Which Mustang Is Faster? | 0-60, Horsepower, & More

It’s the Battle of the Mustangs in our latest drag racing video, as the Ford Mustang Mach-E takes on the Ford Shelby GT500.

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  1. Love the cars but 100k for a low 11 second car, thanks but no thanks. I was going low 11s 25 years ago with a pos fox body on pump gas….

  2. Is the Chevy Volt a Chevy Camaro Volt?
    Is the Toyota Prius a Toyota Supra Prius?
    Is the Dodge Durango a Dodge Challenger Durango?
    No, no they aren't.
    This is a Ford Mach E, not a Ford Mustang Mach E.
    A true Mustang has 2 doors, a V8, a sleek aggressive body, and a loud exhaust.

  3. Absolutely not! A mustang is much more than a name…It's a heritage. It's the sound, smell, and long hours spent with your Dad or best friends modifying the car. Whether it's learning how to change oil, tires, aesthetics, bolt-on parts, or even more invasive internal work, a "mustang" is an experience that is provided beyond the car itself. This electric vehicle takes away the majority of that and is why I could never call it a Mustang. Performance isn't everything, it is the heritage, experience, and life lessons you learn in the process. Call it something else….

  4. Looks at guys using radios when they could just leave the cars on a phone call. Questions reality….goes back to thinking electric cars need another 10 years before it fits the true car guys. Maybe when they learn we don't need a sliding glass door for a roof. We just want a long range rocket that is fast charging.

  5. I have no idea why they only give you 5 seconds of full power? A deal breaker for me. Tesla model Y is the same price and no restrictions.

  6. The Mach E a Mustang? Absolutely not! The GT500 is the definition of a Mustang and the Mach E is nothing more than an electric Focus.

  7. I'm a Ford guy, and that Mach E makes me want to buy a Camaro. Jeez, that is no Mustang, maybe an Edge GT? This is so stupid.

  8. Do I want a hot rod that sounds like a hot rod or do I want one that sounds like a Singer sewing machine?? I'll pick the internal combustion monster, every time.

  9. WT_ 5 seconds max power #$&@# What Ford was thinking… I was about to get a Mach-E GT, but now… getting a freakin Tesla


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