DRAG RACE: Ford Ranger 2,0 SiT FX4 vs Toyota Hilux 2,4 GD-6 Raider

DragRace #FordRanger #ToyotaHilux The Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux have been rivals since the day the two badges hit the …

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  1. Hilux is a work horse that's why it rides like a horse. While ranger is a lifestyle truck, that's why it drives like a car.

  2. I went out last month and demo'd a Ranger and Hilux. Loved the interior of the Ranger. The Ranger is a much better value than the Hilux IMO, if it can pull good ratings in dependability, then Toyota should start to pay attention. It's hard to beat the Hilux tradition of dependability, but you pay a lot for that too. I have more research to do and few more test drives.

  3. First off ranger has more power. both drivers work for same magazine, conflict of interest. You guy should be ashamed of yourself for the propaganda.

  4. but this is not a fair race..should you not be race between 2.4 hilux and 2.2 ford ranger and 2.8 against the 2.0 of the fords?

  5. In order for the comparison to be correct, the engine power and the driver's abilities must be equal. When they are equal, of course, Toyota always wins

  6. Bakkies is not about speed and sprints its about engin lasting and value for money and if that is taken in consideration the Toyota out class the Ranger by far. The Ranger can never compare with a Toyota in the long run. End of story. I want a bakkie that will last longer and do the job not how fast it can runs.

  7. You don't buy a pickup for a drag race. You buy it to carry heavy loads and offroad travel. Still Hilux for me

  8. We own the 2.8 Hilux. In NZ that is the only size to buy. 150 kW and 500 Nm. Would be a different race then.

  9. Because my top,priorities when buying my truck is to drag it. Gtfo. Toyota durability will out last anything Ford attemps to build. I own both

  10. Utter waste of time, two lethargic utes attempting to race. This is like watching two 90 year old men do a 50m sprint

  11. Ford may be faster but we all know who the real world, tried and true longevity goes to. I don't see any rangers in combat either….

  12. Why ranger win? The power stock of 2.0 ranger is bigger than 2.4 hilux. On actual dyno, 2.4 Hilux 140hp vs 2.0 ranger 170hp. The difference is a bit big.

  13. In Brasil the ranger had a 3.2, 5 cylinder turbo diesel engine, BEAST!… While the Hilux had a standard 2.8 turbo diesel.

  14. Hahaha funny…it depends on driver, toyota 2.4 and ford is 2.2..simple arithmetic who is powerful not speed eh..hahaha

  15. Everybody who complains about them testing speed car magazine tested everything buy their magazine to check out all the areas(or look for the article online)where toyota and ford where compared alongside all other new double can bakkies #GreatRead

  16. But no one In the world cares which car out of this style of car is faster! Who buys these 4×4's for the speed? This is Stupid


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