Drag Race in the Dirt! Ram TRX vs. Ford Raptor | 0-60, Horsepower, Off-Roading & More

The Ram TRX and the Ford Raptor are two of fastest and wildest off-road trucks you can bring to a dry lake bed for a dirty drag …

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  1. Two heckin’ sweet trucks make for a great race — but does this outcome change your mind about either one? Sound off below.

  2. Ford should have never made a V6 Raptor. I'd be willing to bet that if they had kept the 6.2 it would have been an easy win for the Raptor

  3. I would still buy the Raptor without any doubt instead of the TRX, the reason being is because of reliability and dependability!!!. You can never trust a FCA vehicle, I’m saying it from experience.

  4. Lets see them offroad, things would be much different. We all know the trx has more power and torque. But handling rough terrain with power are two different things. Have heard of people testing the two and the trx plows and can not drive through the course. Handles like garbage.

  5. Whats with all of these drag races for desert trucks? Hey fellas…. Just an fyi, these are not corvettes. Whats next a drifting comparison?

  6. I've never seen a TRX in the air as high or long as a Raptor, maybe not even at all actually… Raptor is a proven legend, even with the 260ish HP difference I'd take the Raptor. With the "R" coming, TRX will soon be out of production.

  7. I would actually like to see a true off-road race not on hard pack Dirt. Something with loose dirt perhaps some sand maybe throw in a few whoops end it with a Sandy Hill climb.

  8. Why do we continue to drag race two trucks with a 252 horse power difference? At the very least set up a baja race course and see how they do promise the Raptor wouldn't be out done any where near as bad.

  9. 37 inch tires are a negative unless it has the power to pushh which the 150 dosnt have . trx is bad ass .

  10. I'd still take the Ford Raptor any day, it's better looking, more economic, holds it's value better, and more reliable. The Ram is a one trick pony. The Raptor is an actual truck that can be driven hard off road, and has finished the Baja. The Ram is just a RAM truck with a big engine.


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