Driving in Lucca, Italy | Advanced Equipment

Clarkson, May and Hammond are in the Italian city of Lucca to test the Citroen DS3 Racing car, Renault Clio Sport, and Fiat ….

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  1. Anyone know what the camera crew were driving here? I find it hard to believe that they were driving range rovers

  2. isn't this episode where Richard Hammond get's out of the car trying to loo for a way out of this town and later turns out he lost so many points for leaving his car behind

  3. Nothing like navigating cities born before modern travel. Spectacular and frustrating at the same time

  4. Legit surprised that none of them showed up in the latest Ford Focus ST that would have been available at the time of filming

  5. Ah i love Italy, just constantly getting lost and going in circles, but it feels great because you see all kinds of cool things constantly.

    Also, this is actually great urban design in a way. Roads being used exclusively for mixed use is a great idea, as it reduces traffic frequency and allows streets to be used by pedestrians more actively. Old European cities are also always mixed use, so going from home to work is likely just a 5-10 minute walk anyways.

  6. i love Jeremy… but, really, these three never understood shit about cars, they act like comedian, end of the story

  7. Almost 10 years ago and this car looks modern, only thing it was missing was xenon lights

    Jeremy’s ofc

  8. Recently been to Lucca, it was fun to see this. We had a similar experience with a bike and all the one way streets :D.
    Also, Hammond brought the perfect car. But for a hatchback challenge he should have brought the hatchback of course…

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  10. This is where I live and surprise: I confirm you that in Middle Ages, city streets were not made for cars! 🙂

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