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There is a new Bond film recently released, so to celebrate we have collected Bond’s big cars, one of the actors, and we have done ….

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  1. Imagine including that ghastly, pretentious DB10 toy that looks like the botched child of a Jag F-Type and a Maserati GranTurismo, but completely ignore the much better looking DBS V12. Spectre was awful and that car looks lazy.
    Also…..the Z8 instead of the Vanquish ? Really ?

  2. I thought no one could replace the Clarkson, May, Hammond trio at Top Gear. I am happy to say, I was wrong.

  3. Not one of these is a "Bond car." Read Ian Fleming's novels. Bond owned various Bentleys, which Fleming well described. Felix Leiter drove a "low-slung Cord saloon," and one of the 250 Studillacs Bill Frick produced. The movies are cartoons for the perennially adolescent. There are reasons Patrick McGoohan, the first approached to play Bond, declined.

  4. "Theres a new bond movie Out at the start of april" I burst out laughing at that, a year and a half later with it finally out


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