Driving the Lamborghini Countach Up the Stelvio Pass | Top Gear #Shorts

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  1. Drives walking speed, sounds like a car on a race track. Such a pitty to show this beautiful and rare show-focussed car in the wrongest place it could be. Alone in the mountains on a wet curvy road full of rocks and construction zones. Should have gotten a GR Yaris for this track and put this beauty in front of a hotel to be admired XD

  2. The audio on this is so bad. It bares no relation to what's on screen. For example the audio played during some drone shots sounds like it's in a reverberant warehouse not an open, expansive mountain pass.

  3. Brining tank of fuel up the ice tops to melt them and polute in the fastest manner. Humanity is shitting in its backyard in spectacular way. Vroom Vroom

  4. Why even call it Top Gear anymore. We all know the difference. If Jeremy isn't screaming POWER, your video sucks.

  5. LG always comes through proper. No revising same old model every year. Every car is different while still looking like a LG in days when we can distinguish between 2023 model and 2020 model. And then a tribute to a legend Countach!


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