Driving The Ultimate School Bus Up An Active Volcano | Top Gear

This behemoth is the Torsus Praetorian – the Mad Max of coaches. It came to life after the husband and wife team of Pulsar Expo… .

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  1. Biggest thing what has to be done is changing people's understanding of alcohol use because at the moment it's 50/50 half the people are using alcohol stoves and going camping and hiking and other half are drinking alcohol leaving cigarette buts behind and can cause wildfires? Healthy human body needs water and alcohol is taking water out from body and making us sick physically and mentally. Chemistry glass would help maybe sense man invented fire from beginning how do we make alcohol what is lighting up in alcohol stove how do make flammable cooking gas from alcohol using pressurised air and so on! How things are made. Of course there is alternatives for gas like compost gas generators. how bio diesel is made using methanol alcohol and so on. Vertical farming before winter?

  2. I always feel vehicles like this will tip over if you corner too hard. How am i supposed to get away from the zombies and warlords then?

  3. Чем круче джип, тем дальше идти за трактором. 🙂 Интересно, если эта штука застрянет на вулкане как ее оттудава вытаскивать? Вертолетом?

  4. An interesting vehicle. Go anywhere, anytime.
    Looks rugged too. Plus I haven’t seen Tom Ford since his days on Fifth Gear on CH5.

  5. so its not a school bus, never has been a school bus and there are no plans to use it as a school bus but you keep saying school bus and named the video school bus???
    its just a 4×4 lorry with seats?

  6. The thing said about if you do get into an accident, it will be huge. The alternative is to have the same huge accident if it happens, but also many smaller accidents if it's not good enough 😛 I'd like this kind of vehicle for a camper van.

  7. Went there on holiday a few years ago this should be standard car rental issue came back from Mount Etna in a rental car and saw three accidents one of which I was involved in this would make a grand rental car there I would have felt that safer driving that

  8. The Volcanologist explained it quite well… We are just visitors on this planet. We have made some change in terms of corbondeoxide present in the atmosphere, but we did not change the nature or threaten it, we've been stupid enough to doom ourselves, the nature and planet will do just fine, it will adopt, we won't.

  9. Top gear used to be funny and entertaining, this had no humor and was boring, sorry Tom but already regretting the click!

  10. nicely done. is a 210k euro allot for a small bus that can go anywhere almost? only thing it Cant do yet is swim ! lol

  11. What am thinking when watching this is how much fun it would be if clarkson, hammond and james may were in top gear

  12. how freaking many wannabee top gear presentors are there in the world these days, it's hillarious confusing


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