E-type and Eagle Speedster | Advanced Equipment

Jeremy Clarkson drives an old Jaguar e-type on a rural road, and then tests the speed of the Eagle, a new car that ….

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  1. "It won't start." Just when you think, 'geez, he's pretty much overdone this to American-type proportions', we get a brilliant dose of full-on, British self-deprecating humour. Outstanding.

  2. I did sit in an E-Type my uncle happens to own a couple months ago. I couldn’t drive it even if he allowed me to, because I didn’t have a driver’s license

  3. "The last truely great thing Britian ever made." No mate you are wrong, YOU are the last truely great thing Britain ever made.

  4. Am sure am in the small minority but I never liked the original E Type, in that times my top two cars where the Lotus Elan n the DB5 But this modified E Type yes it is Really beautiful, I do not much like super modern super hyper cars I much prefer an Austin Healy 3000 to all of them I really Love old British n Italian cars to Anything produce now days showing my age I guess but its what's deep in my heart

  5. no matter how man presenters are there Jeremey is my favorite at least as a car personal old fashion and a professional

  6. 1:10辺りから流れているBGMを何年も探しています。曲名も、作曲者も、わからない。誰か教えて下さい。

  7. Na Californiaem Hollywood jogaram umas 4 ou 5 em filmes que tinha de alguermorrer caindo em um precipício, era muito barata pois desvalorizavam muito em função da mecânica e de suas chatas bombas de gasolina que paravam muito o carro.

  8. Sadly from 2030 on all combustion cars including classics will be banned from public streets in entire EU and Scandinavia 🙁 In Germany the Green Peoples Party gave order to shorten fuel supply from 2025 on by reducing all conventional fuel stations to only one state operated central gas station per city or county. Now they even want to slow down all the gas pumps from 20 litre per minute to 2 litre per minute…From 2027 on in the EU certain car spare parts will be banned too….as exhaust systems, turbo chargers and even some engine and gearbox oils…California and New York will do the same from 2027 on…. So no investments should be done in oil burning cars any longer….They even created a new kind of crime here, called emissions and smoke crime.

  9. 77RW .. originally had white wall tyres. We have number 6 car (outside lock car ) , number 194 (RHD) and a few late 61-early 62 cars

  10. I'm very proud to be British, and no pc woke liberal lunatic can make me feel shame about it.
    I hope one day we can return to this. But unfortunately that time is a long way away.

  11. If one is going to blow the budget, this is the way to do it, two beautiful cars and a great finish to the item. Fantastic


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